You may already be aware of these resources, but Therapy Den and Open Path Collective are two organizations with directories of folx just as you describe. (I'm nobody's affiliate - I am self-employed in MS and TN but happen to appreciate and support these two orgs.) Therapists on are devoted to all forms of inclusivity; and exists to offer low-cost therapy with therapists who know that financial inequities are real.

I know it's genuinely hard to find therapists who are aware of their own mainstream values. I once told a client that 96% of mental health is knowing what you can say to whom, and he found that to be the best input I ever gave him.

Trauma CAN be addressed in relatively short periods of time with therapists who are trained to treat it and don't have an agenda of keeping you around forever.

Last note, I'm excited about your book and have got it on my Kindle now!

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